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Making Mould Interesting - What Does the Data Tell Us About Mould in Affordable Housing

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About the webinar

What is the data actually telling us?

At this session of Blue Banana's UnCon - Alastair and Tom go over what the data can tell us about mould in affordable housing and what lockdown has taught our clients about resident heating patterns. The main focus for the session is in-home insights, fuel poverty, how technology can change lives and a look to the future.

The Guests

Tom Robins is Switchee's Chief Strategy Officer. He has a passion for positive change, business development as well as optimising customer journeys. Tom previously worked for Community Fiber as their Chief Development Officer and for Capita as a Business Development Director.

Alastair Thorpe is the Commercial Director at Switchee. Currently heading up the Sales and Marketing efforts for the business. Prior to joining Switchee, Alastair worked as Sales Director for heating and renewable company Vaillant, where he focused on leading and managing a sales team devoted to the social housing market in the UK.


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